Real Madrid’s new star is JR10

Jesé Rodríguez Ruiz (Las Palmas 1993) has everyone at the under-19 European Championships talking. Real Madrid’s Spanish forward has brought out the heavy artillery and Spain’s opponents know exactly what to expect from him on the pitch.

Having scored four goals at the under -19 tournament taking place in Estonia, JR10 has seized the goalscorers’ crown, scoring two goals, so amazing that the local TV channels are repeating them over and over again.

If against Greece he played to a high standard, against Portugal the Spaniard capped a great performance scoring a hat-trick, just as he predicted he would, to his teammates over lunch.

The Spanish international refuses to consider himself the star of the tournament: “I don’t think I’m the star, because my goals were scored thanks to my teammates, who’re amazing.”

What he is grateful for is the chance to enjoy at Real Madrid the presence of the superstar that many compare him to. “Cristiano is a star, the best player in the world. We might be similar in some aspects, but he’s on another level, much better than I am right now, although it’s a compliment to be compared to him. I’m lucky to have him so close. That allows me to watch and learn.”

Source : Marca

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